Looking for answers? We have compiled a list of  Frequently Asked Questions that are listed below.

1. Does your child need speech therapy?

Parent Screening Questionnaire
1. Do you frequently have difficulty understanding what your child says?
2. Does your child exhibit phonemic or sound errors in his/her speech?
3. Does your child shorten words while talking? (ex. “nana” instead of “banana”)
4. Does your child leave off some sounds when there are blends or clusters of sounds? (ex.”poon” instead of “spoon”)
5. Does your child have a difficult time relating to other children?
6. Does your child have a difficult time relating to adults?
7. Does your child maintain the topic of conversation appropriately?
8. Can your child produce complete sentences?
9. Can your child recall detailed information about a short story that he/she just listened to?
10. Does your child have difficulty retelling a story or event?
11. Does your child appear to have difficulty understanding you or have difficulty following directions?
12. Does your child repeat words or appear to get stuck when trying to say something?
If you have answered yes to any of these questions, your child might benefit from speech therapy. Please call us for a consultation or to schedule an evaluation.

2. Does insurance cover these services?

TherapyZone, LLC is a contracted Network Provider for the following plans: BCBS, Peach State Health Plan, Medicaid and Amerigroup. Please contact us with your insurance information to have benefits verified. We are always updating our provider list to better serve you. Many insurance plans cover speech therapy. It is very dependent on the individual insurance plan, which needs to be checked carefully. Some plans require prior authorization before services can be rendered. Others have restrictions on the number of visits per year that are allowed. Still others require referrals from the primary clinic your child attends. It is necessary for parents to be aware of these benefits.

3. Does my child's doctor play a role?

Yes. All services originate with a prescription from your child’s pediatrician. This is required for both assessment and treatment. We can assist with the request of the orders. With some insurance plans, a referral from the primary physician is required. Once the evaluation is complete the physician will receive a copy, and the physician will participate in a plan of care  every 6 months.

4. What should I expect at the initial evaluation appointment?

The clinician will conduct a complete case history, consisting of the child’s developmental, medical and academic/social history.  The clinician will administer formal and informal assessments based on the area of concern.  The appointment may take up to 90 mins to complete.